Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Cabbage Soup Recipe And Rapid Weight Lost

The 7 days soup diet plan promises speedy weight loss. Is this a genuine plan or nothing but a trick? There are a few tricks, but you can find out more here including a little about the cabbage soup recipe...
Soup making after all is an art. That's because it's usually based somewhat on what you have on hand and how it gets put together. The recipe is really just a place to get going anyway. Substitution is what makes soup unique and the soup used here is not an exception. A basic recipe for the diet soup is certainly easy to find. We include it free on our website along with the plan for free too. The thing is you can spice the soup up just about any way and it still works fine even if you get a little carried away on the fats and such...
Seriously, most of what you need for the cabbage soup diet plan is likely already in your pantry. There's little to buy and no special, exotic materials at all. The soup is key to the diet working but the recipe is not really so critical though. It can be varied in many ways and still function as a filler which is it's main function anyway. There really is no reason for the soup to be less than delicious either. Bland is out. Interesting is in.
It's for fast results... I lost 10 pounds in a week using this plan and so did many others. Here's how. You see you can eat all the soup you want. This isn't the magic soup that guarantees weight loss. You can use many different recipes. The soup works because it's low in calories and it fills you up. So you don't get so hungry. Plus there are many other foods you get to eat and you can eat as much as you want of most of them. The foods include most any fruits, vegetables, skim milk, beef or chicken, brown rice and even unsweetened fruit juice. The trick is you only eat certain foods on certain days. You end up with a calorie restricted diet with a lot of food to eat so you don't stay hungry.
Dropping 10 pounds or so in a week is the idea. Often losing that much weight that fast means starvation. That's not the case here at all. You get to eat the cabbage soup to keep that from happening. That means at any time you get to eat something, just maybe not exactly what you would choose if you had a perfect choice. This is after all only a way to eat for seven days and that's all. This would not be a good way to eat long-term and nobody should try it for sure. It works best as just a part of a more sensible eating plan and that means the more sensible part should be tacked right on to the end of the 7 day diet.
A cabbage soup diet works by restricting fats and calories but just for a week. By restricting food choices it is possible for you to lose weight quickly without suffering starvation and discomfort. The cabbage soup recipe is part of the plan but not the magic ingredient after all.

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