Monday, December 30, 2013

Simple Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

There is a type of exercise that boosts your body's flexibility, requires minimum amount of extra hard work, and helps you lose weight. Yes, that exercise technique is called yoga.

Doing yoga makes you stretch your body that promotes the flexibility and all that stretching results in reduction of weight. These yoga poses for weight loss exercises may seem very easy, but getting your body in one of these poses is difficult, and to make things a little harder – you have to remain in the poses.

Gains of yoga

This is the kind of exercise that focuses on your respiratory system's health. The breathing and idea of holding a position enables you to have more oxygen in the body, which makes you develop stronger lungs.

But be careful, most poses of yoga last for around 15 seconds and the tough ones give the people a hard time to even maintain that. Of course, yoga doesn't make you run around or keep jumping, but even if it seems quite easy, you can see the effects of it on your body soon enough.

Different yoga poses

Half Moon Pose

To do this, you need to put your hands together and extend them up high above your head, as far as you can make them go. After that, you have to start turning from one side to another slowly. But one thing you need to make sure in order to get a good pay out of it is that the hips must not move. Make sure they remain in the same place.

This yoga poses for weight loss exercise mainly focuses on the stomach region and once you start off, you will find yourself losing a few inches in that area, along with it helping in making your hips and butt firm.

Warrior and Star Pose

Stretch your legs out to the sides, like a star. Do the same with your hands. Then you should start lowering down towards the front knee and reach out the closer arm towards the floor. When you're getting lower, look upwards and try to keep yourself that way.

Although these two poses are very helpful with weight loss and flexing the muscles, there are many more that can be used, that have different benefits and can help you in different ways.

Even if these yoga poses for weight loss exercises help you with losing weight, you cannot be guaranteed that. The most important thing you have to do is give it your best shot and don't stop working for it. At the end of the day, your consistency will make sure that you are shedding the extra weight!

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