Monday, December 30, 2013

The Truth About Natural Weight Loss Pills

Natural weight loss pills are in the media and splashed all over the web. Are they the extra bit of help that dieters need to successfully shift the flab? Or are they a waste of money and of little to no use?

 Is Natural Better?

 One of the major selling points of these supplements and something that dieters are looking for is their "natural" classification. People think that "natural" is better than going with "drugs". Often this is indeed the case but when it comes to weight loss pills, this argument is fundamentally flawed.

 The most powerful drugs available generally work better than unregulated non-pharmaceutical versions. What many people do not realize is that they are derived from natural ingredients.

 For example, ephedrine is an effective stimulant that can help assist weight loss by increasing the metabolism. It is available as a potent drug and is derived from Ephedra distachya and other similar plants.

 Remember, just because something is marketed as "natural" does not necessarily make it a "better" alternative to drugs and other methods.

 Thermogenic Pills

 The vast majority of weight loss pills are marketed as having "thermogenic" properties. This simply means that they raise the metabolism and therefore help you to burn off more calories than you otherwise normally would.

 In theory, this appears to be the best way of losing weight with pills. In practice, the strongest thermogenic pills are regulated as drugs and only the weaker ones are available over the counter and sold as "natural supplements".

 Some pills claim to help lose weight via other methods but these are few and far between and a distinct minority of the market.

 Do They Work?

 Most pills are marketed as thermogenic and a few of them do work. However, those available without a prescription are fairly mild in effect.

 Used on their own, you are not likely to lose any significant weight. If combined with a change in diet and regular exercise then they could help to maximize your weight loss gains.

 The vast majority of over the counter pills will simply disappoint most people who are looking for a "magic bullet" type cure: the ability to pop a pill and lose weight. Unfortunately for them, this vision remains a fantasy.

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