Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss can be a difficult task to manage at the best of times. There are so many weight loss tips and options available it is difficult to know which is going to be the best solution. Things to consider of course are your height, weight and current health condition. It is a matter of choosing the right weight loss tips to help you reach your goals.

Below you'll find a range of weight loss tips that will boost your motivation, health and overall well being.

1) Drink 1 glass of water per 5kg of body weight you have.

2) Start an exercise regime that has variety and involves fun, that way you won't get              bored. Remember weight loss regimes need motivation on a daily basis.

3) Before joining a Gym or spending money on expensive exercise equipment, consider all the less costly options such as walking or swimming at the beach etc. This way if you run into any financial difficulty your exercise or weight loss activity won't suffer.

4) Try not to eat at least 2 hours before going to bed. If you do feel like a snack, try whole nuts or seeds. They are great in natural oils and protein. If you need a little flavor try sea salt. This will really help you reach your weight loss goals.

5) Choose a friend to start a weight loss regime with. This way you can motivate each other

6) Choose a pair or pants or a skirt as to determine the amount of weight you have lost. Using scales can sometimes cause the downfall in motivation.

7) Weight loss supplements can give you the added energy to help boost your weight loss needs.

8) Give yourself a treat each week, fort-week or month.

9) Share these weight loss tips with people you know!

10) Consult your doctor before you start any weight loss program.

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