Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Smaller Waist Size In Days Using Special Waist Reducing Exercises

It's entirely realistic for you to get a smaller waist size in DAYS... not weeks... using SPECIAL waist reducing exercises that you probably never heard about. So if you want to lose your stomach fat, read on to find out how.

Waist Reducing Exercises For a Smaller Waist Size

1. Vacuum Pose your way to 1 LESS inch on your waist in a week

The vacuum pose is a special exercise that's far beyond mere crunches and sit-ups when it comes to losing inches from your waist.

Crunches and sit-ups are more for strengthening your abs muscles. BUT... the problem is, nobody will see those muscles anyway if you have a layer or layers of fat covering them.

So although crunches and sit-ups can't hurt you, they're pretty much a waist of your time if you aren't already lean.

The vacuum pose however uses ISOMETRIC TENSION that helps to pull in and flatten belly fat. This exercise is quite similar to what is popularly known as "sucking in your belly".

Actually, that's what you do with the vacuum pose as well, with the difference being the vacuum pose requires you to suck in the LOWER BELLY.

If you've ever sucked in your belly, you probably sucked in your upper belly. This is a common mistake since it's a lot easier to suck in than the belly area surrounding your belly button.

If you were to do the vacuum pose for 10 minutes a day using 30 seconds of sucking in your lower belly followed by a 15 second rest, you'll lose at least an inch in a week... FROM THAT ALONE!

2. Moving on... incline walking is the best "cardio-type" exercise to burn off fat from your belly

Regardless of what you think about walking (Note: It's ok for long term weight loss, but sucks for short term fat loss), incline walking is considered a totally different exercise... even though it's still just walking.

It puts a lot more "body-specific" stress on your muscles (this is a good thing).

Really, I only need to tell you to try walking on a treadmill that you incline 15 degrees for 15-20 minutes and see for yourself what I mean. Your body will immediately feel the difference.

Although incline walking doesn't directly target your stomach fat, it literally melts it away quickly because the fat is needed for energy and recovery from this exercise.

If you do any type of walking in the hopes of losing weight, just make that 1 change... including the treadmill... and see what happens!

Use these 2 waist reducing exercises to get a smaller waist size fast.

Want more waist reducing exercises for a smaller waist size? Ok, then...

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