Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Alcohol And Lap Band Surgery- A Big No

Lap band surgery is an option that gives you the liberty to enjoy your life to the fullest and now you don't have those extra pounds pounding around the body. Lap band is basically a silicone band that is placed around the abdominal area which limits the intake of food and leads to lesser cravings for food. Most of the people who think of going in for lap band surgery are apprehensive whether the intake of alcohol is allowed or not. There is lot many things that are to be taken into consideration if one wants to have alcohol after undergoing lap band surgery.

One thing that all weight loss enthusiasts need to know is that they are undergoing lap band surgery to lose weight and alcohol is going to add unnecessary calories to the body. It is a well known fact that alcoholic beverages are rich in calories and this is the reason that they are not recommended for the patients who have undergone lap band surgery. Most of the dieticians advise their patients to completely cut down or alcohol if they want to enjoy some great results from lap band surgery.

Another important reason why alcohol is not permitted after Lap band surgery is that it interferes with the vitamins present in the body and can even lead to severe complications. Vitamins like A, E, and D reacts badly with alcohol and can in severe situations lead to major health related complications. There are many people who consume alcohol empty stomach; this is one such habit that has to be given an end after lap band surgery.

Most of the doctors advise their patients not to drink with meals because drinking with meals will wash food out of the stomach faster and due to this they will not feel full as long as they would if they did not drink with meals.
Carbonation is another important reason why lap band surgery is not recommended for the daily drinkers. When alcohol is consumed by the lap band patients, this can lead to severe stomach pain and even gas.

Carbonated alcoholic beverages that are to be avoided after lap band surgery are champagne and beer. One last reason why alcohol is a big no for the lap band patients is extremity. It has been found that heavy drinking causes trouble and this is the reason that habitual drinkers are advised to take in moderate dosage of alcohol.

One important point, alcohol consumption can make all those good results of lap band surgery lose their meaning, so it is better to stay away from it if one wants to enjoy a healthy life.

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