Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Arm Exercises For Women

A loathsome thing women have to deal with is arm fat. Sadly, it is embarrasing to have and never looks good. Women have difficulty feeling at ease with arm fat and even moreso when wearing short sleeved shirts.

There are many practical ways to remove arm fat from women's so called "jello-arms" and "bat-wings".

The result of weight loss and losing weight creates arm flab which form around loose skin. If you want to wear sleeveless shirts, try to tone up your arms t o remove the fat under them.

Here's a list of arm fat exercises to help women remove their jello-arms and bat-wings

* Get down on your knees and place yourself in a pushup position. Place your thumbs apart from each other about 6 inches. When your are ready, do as many pushups as you can. Rest for 45 seconds once you've done as many pushup as you can and then repeat. Doing this 3 times a week will help. If you feel like increasing the difficulty, try doing diamond push-ups by setting your hands together in a diamond shape and doing pushup using that setup. Putting your index fingers and thumb together creates diamond push ups when you're ready to go forward.

* Resistance curls are also good arm exercises for women as weight's are not necessary. First, move one arm towards your side and then move your other arm on top of it. Now slowly move your arm towards the sky while having your other arm act as weight. Resist the movement with the other arm on top.

* Find a pool and begin to swim wherever you can. Swimming is great for your arms as the water provides resistance as you stroke through.

* Try doing shoulder presses and other arm fat exercises using weights. Get started by pushing the weight upwards and then dropping them back slowly to your shoulders and repeat.

* To work the fat off your triceps, use hand pushes. As hard as you can, push your palms together. Make sure you leave your hands at shoulder height and push against them as long as you can.

* You'll also find arm circles are also effective because they use your upper arms to do small and large circles that are necessary to do the exercise. Complete the circles back and forth to get the most out of the exercise.

Say goodbye to your jello-arms and bat-wings once you've completed these exercises.

If you like, you can also use weights to work your arms-Using weight are also an effective way to lose arm fat. Numerous exercises written can help you get started. You can do all these exercises even if you're are at home. The gym is also a great place to lose arm fat if you prefer to do these outside of home.

You can also create and design your own exercises that work. Fabricate new exercises and see how they work your arms upper and lower. To know if they are working, you should be able to feel it in your arms. That's how you know these arm exercises for women are working for you.

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