Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How To Lose Inches Like Gwyneth Paltrow Following An Elimination Diet

The quickest way to a healthy, slim figure like Gwyneth Paltrow is to eliminate certain foods from your diet. The clean diet approach helps you lose pounds and inches in less time with the added benefit of detoxifying the body and rejuvenating your complexion.

To achieve the maximum results with dieting and fat loss it is essential to follow the eight guidelines below.

1. Drink plenty of mineral water.
2. Eat only natural fresh, non-processed foods.
3. Cut out all dairy products apart from natural- live yoghurt, organic butter & eggs.
4. Cut out all sugar.
5. Cut out all wheat.
6. Cut out all alcohol.
7. Cut out all caffeine.
8. Eat organic whenever possible.

I'm not saying you have to stick to these guidelines forever and everyday for the rest of your life but if you did you would be guaranteed a higher level of health than someone who didn't. The point I want to get across is if you eliminate the foods above for at least 30 days and implement the above guidelines into your day-to-day lifestyle then you will achieve quick fat loss results. If you really want to see the fat and weight come off it may be the only way to get the ball rolling.

When you are happy with your results you may gradually reintroduce the banned foods back into your diet. When you begin to reintroduce the banned foods back into your diet you will be able to monitor your response to see which foods have an adverse effect on your health and body fat. If a food from the banned list doesn't agree with your digestion, complexion or reverses your body shape then you know to say goodbye to it. Recording your response to each meal in a food diary will help you quickly establish which foods react differently to your body.

Eliminating processed foods and most dairy products; sugar, wheat, alcohol and caffeine will speed up fat and weight loss without a shadow of a doubt. It will also help your skin, hair, nails look better, and your physical strength and mental clarity will improve along with your internal health.

It can seem like a burden and great effort to put this in to motion but is worth every single ounce of trouble it may seem. It can go a little like this, if you follow anything blindly you trip up and give up. On the other hand if you plan and set out what you are going to do you have less chance of failing because your course is already set out for you to follow, it really is that simple.

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