Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How To Win The Mental Rapid Weight Loss Battle

When it comes to losing belly fat , far too many people set themselves up for failure before they even start their rapid weight loss. They literally dread going on their rapid weight loss plan and before they start losing belly fat, they are planning their mishaps along the way.
unfortunate/sad to say but true, far too many rapid weight loss participants are planning their first Rocky Road mishap while eating poorly before they even begin their rapid weight loss plan.

I don't profess to have the answers, why do humans self sabotage ourselves before we even begin a rapid weight loss plan or any multitude of habit lifestyle changes.?
A faulty perspective is to binge on all your favourite foods before you commence your rapid weight loss plan. Many people think it will help to binge or get so much of these foods that you 'll get sick of them and ultimately be able to follow your new nutrition plan for losing belly fat.
 If you are truthful with yourself, nothing could be further from thetruth. Although practically you may not want to eat your favourite Ice Cream again for a day or two that usually is all this practice is effective for.
Another problem is ultimately your palette gets used to your favourite junk food making normal nutritional foods seem so bland when really you have just fooled your mind into thinking they are when they are not. Cheating is the worst thing for the success of losing belly fat or sticking to your rapid weight loss plan foods as it just prevents your taste buds from adjusting that much sooner to enjoying the tastes of healthier but different types of tastes. Its really all in your mind, healthy foods can be made to taste great as well. You can get many excellent healthy recipe books.
You must modify your way of thinking about food and your personal enjoyment of eating for any diet you embrace to be successful.
 you need to mentally accept food is not your enemy. Even the 'tasty' foods aren't your enemy. Theproblem is your personal inability to properly portion the foods you eat.
 Thedilemma is eating for rapid weight loss and losing belly fat the majority of your meals as opposed to sabotaging your efforts by poor food choices . One bloody 'meal deal' can ruin your whole day of good eating and a decent workout...This is where the problems lie.
Our bodies require the nutrients we are Missing by not eating the five servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit each day (or what your optimum nutritional profile is for your goals ), Our bodies are eating themselves, attempting to replace the missing vital nutrients.
 This is very common not only with the average obese Americans fast foods low nutrient high calorie diets but common with many rapid weight loss plans. Both systems regardless of the positive reasoning of putting ourselves through starvation hell for losing belly fat leaves our minds telling our bodies we are deprived and create a negative hunger.
 Consuming the proper balance of nutrients each day we would realize far less hunger and desire for craving foods that are counter productive to a healthy rapid weight loss plan or losing belly fat permanently. You can enjoy your favourite 'junk' foods and actually manipulate your body into a fat burning furnace systematically by eating and training aimed to increase your metabolism like that of a teenager. At this point you can have the best of both worlds ...a slim muscular ripped body that can enjoy your occasional martini or piece of cake.
For rapid weight loss and losing your belly fat portion control is an art you must master. We live in a society of "up selling". Super sized fries and empty calories by the gallon of your favorite cola are offered with almost every fast food meal. No means NO! You must learn to say no to these traps and avoid situations the temptation to partake may be too intense.

True success with rapid weight loss and losing belly fat is a matter of perspective. You must embrace the process as building a healthier you rather than depriving yourself. Do not think of your rapid weight loss plan as something negative but rather a positive force in your life revealing and moulding the real you.
Observe your thoughts carefully especially negative ones. It's critical for your success that you do not dwell on negativity.When you feel deprived, work on not just lying to yourself and saying some goofy affirmation 'that your losing weight "remind yourself of your belly fat loss and imagine in your mind how you will feel and look like, how others will treat you , what your new wardrobe will be like on you ...close your eyes and feel your SUccess as if its already happened!
And dont be a loner pacing the kitchen and thinking of food all day...keep yourself occupied with whatever your passion is. For me I love playing guitar and listening to music so I involve myself in that. For you it could be listening to me play Johnny B Good on the ukelele!
An intelligently designed rapid weight loss plan for losing belly fat isn't a form of personal torture. Your goal is to find balance.
Can you learn to portion your foods, indulge scientifically, and integrate enjoyable calorie burning activities into your daily routine you may be impressed at your success.
Rapid weight loss focusing on belly fat loss and health is a state of mind that can be euphoric and rewarding as opposed to depriving and depressing.
The feeling of empowerment you will experience from every step towards success you feel is greater than my words can express .
A last brief but potent tip is to play on your strengths. If you find it easier to portion control than to quit eating fries then focus on emphasizing your portion control gift. Take your rapid weight loss plan day to day and don't get frustrated on the occasional cheat...just be on track most of the time and you'll lose your belly fat ...and gain so much more in the process!

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