Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How To Lose 5 Pounds A Week

How would you like to lose 5 pounds a week? ...each week? By following these tips every week, you can meet your desired weight goals. Below is an outline with two essential dieting advice along with two easy exercises to get you started today.

Lose 5 Pounds a week FAST

Step number 1, change your diet by increasing the amount of protein and fiber your body absorbs. This is also great advice if you want to lose weight fast. By increasing the amount of protein and fiber, you are doing two important things. The more you consume protein, the higher your metabolism. There after, taking in more fiber will help you cleanse your digestive tract. By getting rid of bodily waste, you can have better results in weight loss. Cleansing out your system can help you lose weight because waste buildup can turn into “weight buildup”.

Also, make sure the sugars your body is absorbing is from natural sugar and not processed foods.

Fruit is a natural source for sugar. Because of the pulp and fiber found in fruit, you can increase digestion and elimination. Your blood sugars won't increase as fast when you ingest natural sugars verses processed sugars. Consuming more processed sugars can rapidly increase your blood sugar and cause you to crash faster, which can lead to more problems other than weight loss.

Focusing on these next steps can help you lose 5 pounds a week.

Doing squats is the first exercise. A few years ago, I've read that squats is the most effective exercise you can do in staying in shape. Doing squats can help you burn fat fast.Don't brush these off as being too easy. If you're out of shape, start with 25 or 50, but work your way up to 100 to 200 per day. The difficulty of squats should not be overlooked. They really can't be beat if you want to lose weight faster.

The next exercise may sound a little unorthodox but give it a try anyways! Just like a child playing, spin in a circle. Spin 15 to 20 times until you start to feel dizzy. Why do you think this should be done? How does this help lose weight? Spinning around in circles can help your endocrine system by balancing it out. To lose weight, balance you endocrine system and even out your hormone levels. Over the next few days, give this a shot and see if you notice any differences.

So now you know the easy tips to lose 5 pounds in a week. You can notice the weight lost results by doing these simple tips. Increase the protein and fiber your body takes in, squatting and spinning in circles. By practicing these tips, you can start to lose weight.

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