Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How To Lose Body Fat With The "wubbabubba" Method! By Jennifer Jolan

Here's how to lose body fat with what I call the "WUBBABUBBA" method. Fat will start to disappear in days if you do this correctly. I call it "wubbabubba" because that sounds like a term that describes something that is cheap. Basically, what I'm going to share with you is the cheap way to losing weight quickly.

How to Lose Body Fat

1. Eat eggs whenever you can

A dozen large eggs cost about $1.50. So they cost about 12-13 cents each. 3 eggs for breakfast cost you less than 40 cents. The highest grade protein out of any food is found in eggs.

2. Water-packed tuna

Tuna is also high in protein and cheap. Eat it by itself or mix it in with other stuff. Personally, I don't really like the taste of tuna by itself, so I mix it in with other foods (especially other foods on this list). Cost of a can of tuna... 65 cents or less.

3. Black beans

This may be my favorite food out of them all because it's so versatile and loaded with fiber. A can of black beans has about 25 grams of fiber (all the fiber you need in a day). The cost... 53 cents a can. For women, it's best to eat 1/2 can twice a day. For men, you can eat the whole can with 1 of your meals. Quick note... each can also has 25 grams of protein.

4. Long jumps

You'll also need some exercise and why pay $40 or more per month for a gym membership when you can get more productive and quicker workouts done at your home. Long jumps are great for weight loss and firming your legs if you do them rapidly...1 after another.

I recommend that you do a long jump (be sure to put maximum effort into these or don't even bother with them), rest 10-15 seconds, do another long jump, etc. Your goal should be to do 20-25 long jumps in 5 minutes or less... each one with full effort.

5. Jumping rope

A jump rope costs less than $10. Women seem to avoid this exercise, but hopefully you won't. All you need to do is 5 minutes of jumping rope each day. Don't get intimidated by this exercise. You don't need to do anything fancy and you don't need to go non-stop for the 5 minutes.

I recommend that you do 20-30 seconds and rest 10 seconds. Keep repeating until you've completed 5 minutes of jumping rope. Another thing... you don't need to do the 5 minutes all at once. Instead you can do a minute here and a minute there throughout the day.

There you go. That's my WUBBABUBBA method on how to lose body fat the cheap and easy way at home.

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